My name is Malthe and I’m a production sound mixer, sound designer and I also produce music

Here’s my list of gear:
Sound Devices 633 6 channel mixer with recorder
Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun microphone
2x Røde NT5 with custom capsules for indoor
4x Wisycom wirelss with DPA 4060 microphones
2x wireless for camera/director/scripter

Feel free to call (+4550465183) or write me Hi@MaltheB.dk for rates, questions or anything else

Here a list of my previous work:
”Ukendte Steder” (short) – Dir. Mikkel Gøtzsche Andersen – Sound Recording
”Festligt” (short) – Dir. Niklas Nabe – Sound Recording, Sound Design, Mix
”Løbetid” (short) – Dir. Dominique Auxila Frugaard – Sound Recording, Sound Design, Mix
”Forestilling”(short) – Dir. Josefine Pedersen – Sound Design
”Herlitz” (advertisement) – Music Composer
”Like it, Bike it” (advertisement)- Sound Recording
”Silent Nights” (short) (Oscar Nominated) – Dir. Aske Bang – Sound Recording, Foley, Sound Design
”Hulrum” (short) – Dir. Nilas Chamby-Rus – Sound Design, Foley
”Iris” (short) – Dir. Thomas Hagbaard – Sound Recording, Sound Design, Mixing
”Levant” (short) – Dir. Monica De Biase – Sound Design, Mixing
”Kamikaze” (short) – Sound Recording
”De Voksnes Rækker” (short) – Dir. Majbritt La Cour – Sound Recording, Sound Design
”Orange Feeling” (short) – Dir. Jesper Tønnes – Sound Recording (in production)
”Thorn” – Dir. Gabriel Tzafaka – Sound Recording, Foley, Sound Design
”Sisters” (short) – Dir. Toni Paratukko Kamula – Sound Recording
”Det Bedste for Alle” (short) – Dir. Tommy Oksen – Sound Recording
”Det Ganske Vidst” (short) – Dir. Sound Recording
”Coca Cola – Big Suprise” (advertisement) – Vice/Virtue – Sound Recording
”Elefanten” (short) – Dir. Kerren Lummers – Sound Recording
”Carlsberg – The Danish Way” (advertisement) – Runner
”Lizzie & Canan” (short) – Dir. Annemone Hoyer Demirhan – Sound Recording, Sound Design, Music (in production)
”Zomeday” (short) – Instr. Anders Glud – Sound Recording (in production)
”Ivans Grusomme Død” (short) – Instr. Simon Wasiolek – Sound Recording (in production)
”Cityboy” (advertisement) – City2 – Sound Recording
”Diesel Only The Brave High” (advertisement) – Vice/Virtue – Sound Recording
”3 Stjernet” (ad)- The Wœrks – Sound Recording
”Interflora – Mors Dag Eksperimentet” (advertisement) – The Wœrks – Sound Recording (and extra)
”Miserere” (short) – Dir. Erasmus Hagen – Sound Recording, Sound design, Mixing (in production)
”Softness Of Bodies” – Dir. Jordan Blady – ZAK Film – Sound Recording (in production)
”Deine Farbe” – Dir. Diane Maria Ventura – Dvent Productions – Sound Recording (in production)
”Design Documentary” (tv) – Parad Media – Sound Recording
”Copenhagen Institute for Fashion – ABASI ROSBOROUGH” (web) – Sound Recording